I help founders to raise money.

Raising investment while running a startup is hard.

I’ll match & connect you to the right investors, then support you throughout the journey until the money is in the bank.

I also invest personally in every raise.

(It takes 2 minutes)

Matching & connecting you with a global investor network

Using my extensive network of investors as a 3x founder, I’ve created the FF Matching Matrix™: it matches you to the right investors and then I personally facilitate the connection.

available to invest
  • 26 Angel investors
  • 57 VCs
  • 22 Funds
  • 13 Family Offices
  • 86 Angel investors
  • 63 VCs
  • 20 Funds
  • 14 Family Offices
  • 27 Angel investors
  • 41 VCs
  • 18 Funds
  • 8 Family Offices



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3x founder now helping other founders to raise money

Paul Haydock Photo
Paul Haydock
Founder & Fundraiser

I've cofounded a number of startups and raised multiple rounds of investment from Angels, VCs, Funds & Family Offices.

Over the years I've built up an extensive global investor network and know the ins-and-outs of every phase of the fundraising journey.

I'm now applying all this experience into helping other founders raise investment and get the best deal for them and their business.

Raising investment is a painful process.

I take some of the load off so you can focus on doing what you love: building your business.


Get to know each other

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Using the FF Matching Matrix™, I’ll match you to the right investors for your stage, sector and the amount you want to raise.



We’ll work together to prepare the story, the investment strategy and what assets are required before we start to approach the matched investors.



I’ll personally approach the matched investors on your behalf and then connect you to those who wish to learn more.


Negotiation & pulling the round together

You’ll be in the driving seat, but I’ll be by your side coaching you throughout the negotiations and helping you to shape the round. Intervening where/when needed.


Sign term sheets

Demystifying the world of: vesting schedules, liquidation preferences, anti-dilution provisions, preferred vs. ordinary shares, information rights, etc… Looking after you throughout.


Due diligence ("DD")

Helping to keep the momentum throughout this phase and keeping everyone to timeframes.



I'll work with you and the lawyers on the 'long form' documents and guide you on the disclosure process & warranties.


Money in the bank


Ongoing support & looking towards the next round…

Unfortunately, no.

I am very selective in the businesses I help to fundraise as (a) I am personally involved in every fundraise I do, and (b) I invest my own money in every deal.

If I can’t take you on, I want to be as helpful as I can and send you the results from the FF Matching Matrix™.

Ideally you’ll have customers paying you to use whatever it is you are building.

Second to that, you’ll have users but no revenue yet.

No users? Then you’ll at least have a working prototype that you can demo.

Finally, if it’s just an idea, I’ll have to really like you/the team and really believe in the concept to help you raise money (as it’s going to be a tough slog…).

If you don’t have an idea…well…come back when you do! :)

Before you have prepared anything!*

Don’t spend time on decks, investor lists etc before you get in touch – these often prove a waste of time as the matching service dictates the investors to approach, and therefore the required assets.

So get in touch at the earliest opportunity when you are thinking about raising investment.

* Seriously, the biggest thing I see is founders waiting until the ‘perfect moment’ (it doesn’t exist…) when they have all their decks/financial models/investor lists/… together. These often prove a waste of time as the matching service will dictate the assets we need for the investors in question.

Yes. I’ll work with you to help you figure it out.

£150k is the minimum investment amount.

Yes, I also invest my own money alongside the investors in every fundraise I take on.

This means I have ‘skin in the game’ for both founders and investors.